What We Do


To give you a better idea of what we do:
You will be working with trained and experienced yoga instructors who are inspired to work with others in yoga.  We begin each session by discussing your current health, abilities, and goals. Our training is in various traditions of yoga, however, your session will primarily be taught in Hatha style.  We engage you in routine at a slow, focused paced- one pose at a time. Not a Vinyasa style -where one pose flows into the next. The sessions are focused on bringing strength and ease equally into each of the poses. A mindful but generally non-philosophical approach is taken, however, the overall tone and outcome of each session are tailored to meet your needs.

In our practice we aim for Bhavana – Bhavana is a Sanskrit word describing a mental attitude, the intention that allows the student to maintain his/her attention during the execution of postures and of pranayama. This psychological orientation stops the practice from becoming mechanical, it amplifies its effects and improves self-knowledge. – Bhavana aims to make the mind very clear, very calm, to improve physical and mental health and to induce a state of meditation or of prayer.

Rest assured, this is about all the Sanskrit you will find in our sessions.  We aim to incorporate the important teachings of yoga in an adaptable and easy to follow format.