On the Set Yoga

Film and Tv crews work long hard days. But you don’t need us to tell you that. Given the arduous nature of what you do all day, you just might be the people who need it the most! Our guess is you might give yoga a try if you could only fit it in???

No need for fancy yoga pants or the ability to touch your toes. We come with all the props you need and adapt the session to your abilities.

While you are here in New Mexico your day might look like this…



or maybe you are the one carrying the ladder around all day???


We want you to know that your day could also look like this…


We are here for you…or rather, there on the set for you.

Prices for At Work and On Set sessions are determined via a quick chat about where and when you would like your teacher to show up. We make every effort to accommodate all budgets. 

Call or text us at (503) 358-7561

Email: youryogawellness@gmail.com


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