Your Yoga At Work

On the Set or In the Office…We come to you!

At your place. At the time most convenient for you.

In our At Work program we come to film/tv sets and other workplaces throughout New Mexico with the skills and tools necessary to help you reduce stress and feel better at work and in your life.

Want to increase employee commitment and a better overall bottom line? Many companies are turning to workplace yoga as a way to do just that. With almost no initial investment you can have a team of happy and productive employees. We are equipped to offer yoga and other wellness options to your staff of two or two hundred. For info about On the Set Yoga click here…

You can go from this

To help you integrate more health and wellness into your daily life, our experienced teachers incorporate yoga, meditation, and other mindful movement into your session based on your specific needs and abilities. We offer individual or small group sessions whichever best suits the needs of your company. As professionals, we understand time constraints and budgets too. Read on to find out more information or contact us directly to see how we can help you to get started.


To this…

By doing this…

Just kidding. No one can do that.

But you CAN do this…

The main focus of our work here at Your Yoga & Wellness Santa Fe is to make yoga accessible. We want to help you and your employees incorporate wellness into your daily routine. We come to you, at a time of your choosing, with all the props and tools needed for a refreshing break of yoga and/or meditation.

We are experienced with working with people at all levels of fitness, and each session is tailored to the participants in the room so all your employees will be welcomed to participate.  We have also crafted specific routines geared toward the workplace experience. Our sessions on Yoga for Computer Users, Chair Yoga, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction are based on academic research and practical experience.  In these classes, your staff comes away not only with the immediate benefits of practice but also real skills to alleviate the physical and mental stressors of work and life.

Prices for At Work and On Set sessions are determined via a quick chat about where and when you would like your teacher to show up. We make every effort to accommodate all budgets. 

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